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How were popsicles created?

Fun fact: Popsicles were invented by an 11 year old boy in 1905. Frank Epperson was in San Francisco when he accidentally left his soda out at night not realizing how low the temperatures would drop when the sun went down. He woke up to his cup and stirring stick being frozen and the first popiscle was born!

How cool is that? Goes to show you don't have to wait to grow-up to invent cool stuff. ;)

Now that you're excited about inventing something, check out Redwood has an Inventor's Club in the second half of the summer. Campers completing grades 3 through 7 will learn about real-life kid inventors and inventions, about what it means to be an inventor, and about how they can go about becoming kid inventors themselves.

What do you think you'll invent next?

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