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Nursery & Kindergarten



Warm, caring and experienced counselors selected especially for the little ones


Small groups and excellent supervision: for campers in nursery, for groups of 8-10 children, there are 2 senior counselors and an instructor at each activity; for groups of 12, there are 3 senior counselors and an instructor at each activity; for campers completing kindergarten, there are 12 children in a group with 2 senior counselors and an instructor at each activity.


Swimming twice a day with swim instruction in the morning and general swim or waterslides in the afternoon.


Juice and cookies in the morning and freezies in the afternoon.


A specially designed program that:

Inspires the children to try new and different activities and develop new skill sets.


Nurtures important social skills such as positive interaction with their peers, learning to share, learning to take turns, and have consideration for others.


Strengthens children to become more self-reliant as they participate in the activities and learn to dress with minimal assistance.


Encourages children to be eager and non-fearful of new learning experiences as they are exposed to new activities.


Activates imagination and creativity in the activities and camp-wide theme days.


Activities that campers will participate in throughout each week: swimming instruction every morning, and general swim or waterslides every afternoon; once or twice each week: rock climbing, soccer, nature & science, animal farm, basketball, t-ball, arts & crafts, beading, pottery, basketball, and dance.

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