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Counsellor-In-Training Program

This program is offered to a limited number of mature individuals who are fourteen or fifteen years old and presently completing grades eight or nine. The purpose of the CIT program is for young people to develop leadership skills, learn how to interact and take care of children in the role of the counselor, to become sensitive to the needs of the campers, and to learn how to organize games and activities for the campers. It is a supervised opportunity to help out in a group and to develop a sense of responsibility in caring for children. The program is intended for youth who would like to work with children in the future and not as a recreational program.


Four days out of the week are spent in group or specialty placements where the CIT is placed as an apprentice to a senior counselor or activity specialist. The CIT does not take the place of the regular staff member(s) in the group or specialty, but assists in activities with the campers. The fifth day is spent as a group with their own peers, with a training and discussion session in the first part of the day, followed by outings to the waterslides, beaches, movies, or other recreational activities every second week. There is a special CIT camp fee and the fee covers the cost of the outings but not the cost of lunch. CIT's are recommended to sign up for a minimum of three or four weeks.


The door-to-door bus service is not applicable to CIT's, unless there is a younger sibling attending camp, and they are along one of our designated bus routes. CIT's are asked to meet the bus at the nearest suitable pick-up. It is best to contact the office to find out what the closest location might be to ensure that this location is suitable for you.


CIT's are evaluated on a weekly basis and a decision is made after each evaluation by the counselor and section head to determine whether the CIT should be placed again and where the CIT will be placed. In case of any difficulties, parents will be contacted.


Enrollment in the CIT program is contingent on a personal interview. If your son/daughter is interested in the program, please send in the completed CIT registration form along with a letter of reference. A babysitting reference or a reference from a teacher or coordinator of an extracurricular activity would be acceptable.

CIT Camp Fees 2024

 1st Session: June 24 - July 19

 2nd Session: July 22 - Aug 16


     2 weeks - $710

     3 weeks - $1065

     4 weeks - $1320

     5 weeks - $1645

     6 weeks - $1900

     7 weeks - $2220

    Full 8 weeks - $2420

Bussing: $145/per week additional
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