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Sharing the Love!

"Three stars to my son’s counsellor. His summer has been a blast and he doesn’t want camp to end."


"This summer was my son’s first experience at Redwood and it has been a truly unforgettable experience. I have never seen my son so happy and excited to go to camp every day. The communication with the office has been excellent and his counsellor is outstanding: sweet, loving and warm. Thank you for an incredible experience. We will be sure to be back next year!"


"My kids had a fabulous time. I really appreciate how carefully you took care of them. They came home exhausted (a good thing!) – See you next year!"


"This was my child’s first summer and I have never seen him so happy to go to camp. He comes home telling us that he had the most incredible, awesome, amazing days! What a great experience for all of us!"


"I am very impressed with Redwood. It is a very well run camp. I love that the counsellors and section head called regularly. My son loved camp and wanted to go every morning. The bus is great and on schedule. The one time it was late, someone called to tell us. Amazing!"


"Thank you for your wonderful work and dedication!"


"I am very impressed with the security and overall management and running of the camp. We plan to make Redwood Camp a yearly part of my son’s life."


"Having a great summer!"


"My son is so happy at camp and I feel safe sending him. His counsellor is amazing. Thank you."


"My son was very happy at camp this year. His counsellors paid a lot of attention to him and were very nice and fun. The bus monitors were friendly and responsible. He loved the activities and the theme days."


"Had the best experience and loved the counsellors."


"My daughter loves camp. She’s excited every day!"


"Both my kids are having an amazing time. Thank you."


"My son had an excellent summer!! His counsellors were amazing. Thank you!"


"Kids having a blast! Mom loves the bus! Keep up the great work!!"


"My son loves camp. He looks forward to going every morning."


"My daughter absolutely loved Redwood Camp!"


"Counsellors are awesome. Communication is fantastic."


"I love, I love, I love, I love!!"


"My daughter had a really fabulous time at Redwood this summer. We can’t get over how much she learned at Nature and Science. It’s not every day that you hear your 7 year old talk so passionately about “anemones” and “clownfish”. Her counsellors were amazing. I enjoyed hearing updates each week."


"This is my son’s 1st experience at Redwood and we had a lot of trouble ranking his favorite activities – he likes them all!!"


"This was my child’s first summer and I have never seen him so happy to go to camp. He comes home telling us that he had the most incredible, awesome, amazing days! What a great experience for all of us!!"


"My daughter is having a wonderful time – she is excited to go every day. Great job!!"


"Awesome camp. They cannot wait to come back!"


"My son loved it all. He had an awesome summer this year. He once again had incredible counsellors. He really loved that they did all the activities with the kids. He thought they were the coolest. We cannot thank them both enough!"


"My son is having an amazing time. We were a little nervous because he was so young, but the counsellors were amazing as well as the bus monitors. It is as if he has been going to Redwood forever!!"


"My daughter is having the best time. What an amazing camp and camp experience!"


"My daughter is having an absolutely terrific time at camp this summer! She is enjoying all the activities and is truly loving camp! Thank you!"


"My son is having a great summer. He loves his counsellors and friends in his bunk. He was thrilled to earn his bracelet for swimming and talks about how excited he is to try rock climbing. He is really enjoying the whole experience and absolutely loved the sleep-over. He also likes his bus monitors. Great camp!"


"My son is having a fantastic summer. He comes home happy every night and is excited to go each morning!"


"My daughter had a great first experience at Redwood this summer. Her counsellors are terrific. She loves the activities, especially swimming!"

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