Meet our 2019 Head Staff

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We have the answers you want to the questions you ask....we are the people who work behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly and everyone has a great summer!

The Head Staff

Redwood's 2019 head staff have over 90 years of combined experience!  Let us introduce you to the people who really help to make it all happen at Redwood, the Head Staff.

Catherine - Camp Co-ordinator 

Catherine is thrilled to be back for Redwood's 45th summer as our Camp Co-ordinator.  This will be her 21st summer at Redwood and we feel very lucky to have her as the leader of our team. Catherine is a remedial specialist at an elementary school during the winter months and has completed her Masters at McGill in Educational Psychology. Catherine looks out for all the campers' special needs, is the liaison to the parents, and ensures that every child at camp has the best experience possible.  Catherine spends countless hours planning activities for the campers and hiring the best staff for the upcoming summer. Redwood is always on her mind and she looks forward to spending another summer ensuring that each child will enjoy new experiences, meet new friends, and return home with warm wonderful memories of their summer at Redwood.

Kris Schicchi - Head Staff

If there was one time in the year that Kris looks forward to the most, it would be camp time. Kris has graduated from Concordia University in Human Relations, where the main focus is on group leadership and interpersonal relations.  Kris has a passion for working with children, as he is the eldest of 6 siblings!  When not at camp, Kris works as an educator at a Montreal school for kids with varying developmental and intellectual abilities.  Kris also participates in various sports teams throughout the year. This will be Kris’ 9th summer and 5th as Head Staff and he could not be more excited to create many new and exciting memories for all!

Kimberly Prevost – Head Staff

This summer will be Kim’s 3rd year at Redwood and her 2nd year on head staff.  Last summer, she had a blast with the Smurfs and is absolutely thrilled to be their section head again.  Kim is currently in her second year of Psychology at Concordia University, and hopes to work with children as a speech therapist in the future.  In her free time, she loves to play soccer and the violin, having played both for over 15 years!  Kim is very excited to meet her campers and teach them new games, songs, and simply make their summer the best summer yet!!

Melanie Lanthier – Head Staff

Now living in the city, Mel is a camper turned counsellor turned Head Staff who has spent the last 14 summers at Redwood. She has been working with both Smurfs and Gremlins for the past few years, as well as being part of the extended day and overnight programs. When not at camp she enjoys teaching piano, spending time outdoors and of course dreaming about going back to camp! She has started her Bachelor of Education at McGill University with hopes of being a future high school teacher.  Mel is looking forward to spending her second summer as the Vikings Section Head and has many fun and exciting activities planned for her unit. She can’t wait to meet and make memories with all of her campers and staff!!

Pat Jacques - Head Staff

This will be Pat's 9th year at Redwood and his 2nd summer as Head Staff.  He is very passionate about working with kids throughout the summer.  He loves making a fun and positive impact on every camper her encounters at Redwood.  Pat is currently studying International Business and Marketing at John Molson School of Business.  He is our LIT's counsellor as well as being in charge of the Counsellor in Training program.  When Pat is not at camp spreading leadership skills and positivity to our campers, you can find him on the water boating or playing sports like football, hockey, soccer or biking.  He is excited to be back for another amazing summer!!

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Phil Dunn– Head Staff

This will be Phil's 11th summer at Redwood and his 3rd year as Head Staff.  He has previously enjoyed being a camp counsellor and as part of the swimstaff.  He is a recent graduate from Concordia University and holds a B.A. degree in Leisure Sciences as well as a graduate diploma in Business Administration.  When not working at camp, he designs and builds websites.  He is a self-taught web developer and has always been fascinated with websites from an early age. Through teaching himself, he has gained knowledge and great satisfaction in problem solving and seeing the end results.  Phil is looking forward to returning to his role as Head of Specialists. He is excited to be part of theis 45th Anniversary year of camp and is ready to begin the start of another great summer!

Ashley Greenough – Swim Head Staff

This summer will be Ashley's 4th year at Redwood and her 1st year as Head Staff. Ashley graduated from John Abbott College in Social Science with math. She will be starting her Bachelors degree in International Business at John Molson school of Business in the fall.  In her free time, she loves to play soccer and swim, having over 16 years experience in both sports. Her main focus is safety around the pool and having the kids not only participate but enjoy each class to the fullest. Ashley looks forward to yet another amazing summer working at the pool! 

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Matthew Goodman– Swim Head Staff

This summer we will be welcoming Matthew to the Head Staff team. Matthew has been able to call Redwood his summer home since he was a Gremlin 11 years ago! He has been working as a lifeguard at the pool for the last 4 years and is excited to take on a new responsibility. Matthew recently graduated from John Abbott College and is excited to start studying Computer Science at McGill this fall. In his spare time, he also loves to play hockey! Matthew can’t wait to begin another unforgettable Redwood Summer working at the pool!