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Why choose Redwood?

Redwood provides a unique and amazing country day camp experience that promotes healthy living and well being for all at all ages.  We do this by.....

1.  Surrounding the campers in a beautiful private 27 acre outdoor setting.  Campers walk through forested paths on their way to each activity, visiting the goats and alpacas at the animal farm along the way, taking a swing on the jungle vines or a hayride around camp while chatting with bunkmates and friends.

2.  Challenging our campers to try new and different activities such as rock climbing, biking and driver's ed (with golf carts), provides them with new skills in sports and confidence.

3.  Encouraging a feeling of camaraderie and respect within the groups so that all campers and staff feel included and comfortable at camp. 

4. Enrichment of their social and communication skills by providing opportunities for campers to talk to one another, work together and listen to each other while participating in camp activities.


The programming at Redwood achieves these goals through small groups, a balanced week of sports, art, and nature activities, with the majority of activities outdoors. Skills are taught at each activity and children are encouraged to take on new challenges.  An emphasis on teamwork and cooperation is built into each activity so that the children can incorporate these elements into their daily lives.

Swimming twice daily is an important part of the Redwood program as campers learn lifelong skills, gain confidence and comfort in and around the water to enjoy safely.

Music is played throughout the day as campers travel from activity to activity with 8 blocks of 40 mins, with 30 minutes of activity per block, and ten minutes for travel time and water breaks. There is a 40 minute lunch block, and groups receive individualized schedules that reflect a balance of physical and social activities.

We ensure that campers are well-hydrated throughout the day. The camp has many spring water fountains around camp, and campers are encouraged to refill their water bottles as they travel between activities. They are also required to always wear sun hats and sunscreen. Extra sunhats and sun screen are kept at the office in the event of a rushed or forgetful morning before camp.


Redwood Rocks! Through praise, modelling, teamwork,

and challenging activities, campers are inspired to 

respect each other, be open to new experiences and new friends,

come together as a community across all camp levels,

and practice kindness to all.

Our Redwood Rocks poster is present at every activity and cabin, 

representing Redwood’s philosophy and reminds campers of

the importance of respect and community.

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