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Important Camp Dates 2024

June 24 : First Day of Camp

Aug 16: Last Day of Camp

  ***We are open on holidays***

Camp Tours - date to be confirmed

We will be offering camp tours for families by appointment only.  This is a great opportunity for campers and parents to visit the camp, receive an informative guided tour and get the answers to any questions you might have.


Theme Days

Week 1 - Campin' Day

Redwood’s first theme day of the summer allows campers to leave school behind and reconnect with the great outdoors. From marshmallows treats to a camp wide sing along, campers of all ages will be able to disconnect from the city and settle into the country.

Week 2 - Hero Day

This Redwood theme day allows campers and staff to honour their favourite hero. The day will be filled with lots of different activities and will allow campers to learn that anyone can be a hero by helping out those around them through simple acts of kindness!


Week 3 -  Carnival Day

The Carnival comes to Redwood!  Campers and staff come dressed up in costumes and enjoy a day filled with exciting carnival activities.  There will be cotton candy, face painting and much much more!

Week 4 - Sports Mania

Let the games begin!  Redwood's annual Sport Mania features the ultimate showdown.... The Bears Vs. The Moose! Throughout the week campers will be tested at their sports activities and will be drafted to one of these teams. The Bears and the Moose will compete in different events to see who will win the 2023 Redwood Cup!


Week 5 - Decade Day

On this throwback Thursday, Redwood will take campers through time, featuring music, dances, activities and a fashion show from different decades. 


Week 6 - Colour Blast

From Chipmunks to CITs, campers of all ages will come together to face challenges testing their physical ability, teamwork, spirit and determination!  Which colour will stand out among the rest?!


Week 7 - Country Western Day

Let’s go to the rodeo! Dress up in your best country western outfit and enjoy line dancing, live music, water regattas and a delicious corn roast!


Week 8 - Woodstock Day & Variety Show

Heading back in time, dress up in tie dye or any other 60’s inspired look and participate in Redwood’s annual Variety Show!

  Going on Now!  

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