Theme Days


Here’s is a sneak peak at what Redwood has in store for you this summer.......


Week 1:

Disney Day : Dress up as your favourite Disney character.


Week 2:

Calling all Superheros! From doctors and nurses, to Iron Man and everyone in between, Redwood aims to show all campers that anyone can be a super hero! On Thursday of this week, all the campers celebrate Superhero Day with their units and are encouraged to dress up as their favourite super hero.


Week 3:

Redwood’s Annual Carnival Day – This year’s celebrations will include snow cones, booths, haunted house, and water regatta. Campers will come to camp in their favorite costume for a special costume contest.


Week 4:

Start your engines for Redwood’s most famous theme days – Bus Decoration Day! Campers will learn cheers and songs with their bus monitors so that they can compete to win the best bus. Each bus sings, cheers and decorates to show the judges who`s on top! Campers who drive in also participate with their own songs and decorations to celebrate with their friends at Redwood!


Week 5:

We got team spirit, come on let’s hear it! This week we celebrate Sports Mania by encouraging all of Redwood’s ROCKin’ campers to demonstrate their sportsmanship. This week campers can expect to take part in varioustournaments where they will show off not only their skills, but their enthusiasm, dedication and team spirit.


Week 6:

Color Blast Extravaganza! On this annual theme day, all of Redwood is divided into different colors to compete in races, regattas, relay races, cheering contests and songs to see which color comes out on top. The theme of this Color Blast off is always closely guarded; can you guess what it will be?


Week 7:

Saddle up! It`s Country Western Yee-haw Day! The section heads are ready to kick off this fun day, by getting messy. Country Western Day always begins with a pie eating contest, only to be followed with line dancing, pony rides, making your own sheriffs badge with yummy corn served to all the campers as part of their lunches. So wrangle up your cowboy hats and come on down to the Redwood Corral.


Week 8:

Woodstock and Redwood`s Got Talent! The kids are busy this week at Arts & Crafts tie-dying clothing in preparation for Redwood’s Woodstock Day. At the end of the week, campers will be able to wear their own tie-dye t-shirts and peace sign necklaces at the annual variety show. Get ready to get groovy, as the campers and staff sit back, relax and enjoy all the talent Redwood has to offer. Stay tuned for more updates as the summer unfolds. Redwood has many more surprises still to come.

Updated on Dec. 9, 2020