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At Redwood, there is an emphasis on swimming, beginning with daily swim instruction in the morning, and general swim and/or waterslides in the afternoon.  We teach the Redwood Swim Program, which emphasizes six swimming strokes and important water safety skills, in twelve levels.  The new precise and smaller teaching units enables children to achieve swimming levels more quickly and with even greater success.  Feedback is given every two weeks through a progress report which clearly describes the achievement of swimming skills.  With four heated outdoor pools and over twenty qualified instructors, campers gain confidence and pleasure in the water. 


Redwood's two waterslides are a real hit!  The Speedway, 7 ft. wide, 55 ft. long and 8 ft. high, is specially designed for the little ones.  It features a non-skid surface at the start and a gentle slope, and is a real winner with our small sliders.  Its easy comfortable ride builds up the confidence of the younger children in the water an delights the older campers as well.  The Typhoon Twister is 130 ft. long and 17 ft. high.  Its twists and dips are irresistable and thrill every camper.  The slide has been carefully designed to provide an exciting and safe water slide adventure.  Redwood's aquatic director will be supervising over twenty swim staff.  As always, safety is our priority as we encourage the children to enjoy the water.

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