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Redwood Day Camp: Exciting Theme Days in 2024

Overview of Redwood Day Camp

Nestled on 27 acres of beautiful fields and forests in Vaudreuil, near Hudson/Saint-Lazare, Redwood Day Camp offers an exceptional summer experience for children. The camp location features four heated outdoor pools, two waterslides, and a wide range of activities for kids, blending the charm of a sleep-away camp with the convenience of a day camp. Redwood is dedicated to creating lasting memories filled with adventure and joy, ensuring every week of camp is an unforgettable experience.

Dedicated and Experienced Camp Staff

Redwood Day Camp is staffed by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals committed to providing a safe and enriching environment for campers. The camp staff's expertise and enthusiasm are instrumental in crafting exciting theme days that captivate and inspire children, ensuring every week of fun is filled with new adventures and amazing opportunities for growth. The team’s ability to create fun themes and engaging activities keeps kids excited throughout the summer. The dedicated and experienced camp staff at Redwood Day Camp understands the importance of creating a fun and inclusive atmosphere for campers. Their passion for working with children shines through in the carefully crafted theme days that make each week at camp unique and exciting.

Camp Theme Days at Redwood

Week 1: Summer Kick Off Start summer with beach-themed activities, dance-offs, hula hoop contests, and beach volleyball, setting a fun and vibrant tone for the season. This fun theme is designed to get everyone excited for the summer ahead.

Week 2: Hero Day Campers honor their favorite superheroes or real-life heroes with activities that teach kindness and heroism through simple acts. This is one of the themes for kids that combines fun with important life lessons.

Week 3: Camp Carnival Day Experience the magic of a camp carnival with games, costumes, cotton candy, face painting, and thrilling carnival activities. The camp carnival is a highlight among the ideas for themes, providing an immersive and festive experience.

Week 4: Sports Mania Join the ultimate sports showdown between the Bears and the Moose, with competitions to win the 2024 Redwood Cup. This is a great opportunity for kids to develop teamwork skills.

Week 5: Decade Day Travel through time with music, dances, and activities from different decades, including a fashion show. This theme offers a fun and educational journey through the past.

Week 6: Colour Blast Campers compete in challenges that test physical ability, teamwork, and spirit to see which color team stands out.

Week 7: Country Western Day Dress in country western outfits for line dancing, live music, water regattas, and a delicious corn roast.

Week 8: Woodstock Day & Variety Show Embrace the 60s with tie-dye attire and participate in Redwood’s annual variety show.

Dress-Up Days and Special Events

Redwood’s theme days are more than just dress-up events; they are immersive experiences filled with special activities. From a full-blown camp carnival with games and treats to a heroic day that emphasizes kindness and bravery, each theme day is meticulously planned to provide unique and engaging experiences for campers. These special events allow children to express creativity, engage in diverse activities, and create cherished memories, ensuring tons of fun. Dress-Up Days and Special Events

Redwood Day Camp takes camp theme days to the next level with immersive experiences and special activities. These days go beyond simply dressing up; they provide unique opportunities for campers to engage in exciting new adventures.

One of the most highly anticipated theme days at Redwood is the camp carnival. This thrilling event transforms the campgrounds into a bustling fairground, complete with games, prizes, and mouth-watering treats. Campers can test their skills at the ring toss. With popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cones, the carnival is a true highlight of the summer. It's an event that brings the camp community together and creates a fantastic atmosphere of laughter and camaraderie.

Exciting Activities at Redwood

Camp Carnival Enjoy a day filled with carnival games, cotton candy, face painting, and costumes. This camp carnival is a highlight of the summer, providing endless fun and excitement.

Treasure Hunt Participate in adventurous treasure hunts that promote teamwork and problem-solving skills. This is a favorite among themes for kids, adding a sense of adventure and mystery to the camp experience.

Sports Competitions Compete in various sports activities, culminating in the grand showdown between the Bears and the Moose.

Water Games and Activities

Redwood’s water activities are a highlight of the camp experience. With four heated outdoor pools and two waterslides, campers can enjoy swimming and various water games daily. These activities are designed to be both fun and refreshing, ensuring children stay active and cool throughout the summer. From relay races in the pool to water balloon fights, the emphasis is on fun, safety, and creating joyful memories. In addition to the pools and waterslides, Redwood Day Camp offers a range of exciting water games and activities. Campers can take part in relay races, competing against their friends to see who can swim the fastest or complete a challenge in the water. These races not only promote friendly competition but also help improve swimming skills and build endurance.

In addition to the organized water games and activities, campers can simply enjoy free swim time, where they can splash around, play water games with their friends, or just relax and soak up the sun.

At Redwood, safety is always a top priority. Lifeguards are present during all water activities to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Campers

Redwood also offers swimming lessons to ensure campers have the opportunity to improve their swimming abilities. Under the guidance of certified instructors, campers can develop their skills, learn different strokes, and gain confidence in the water. These lessons provide a valuable life skill and promote water safety.

For more information about Redwood Day Camp and its exciting programs, visit their website.

To stay updated on the latest camp activities and events, follow Redwood Day Camp on Instagram.


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