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Your children will enjoy the adventure of climbing our 24 ft. rock climbing wall.  Skilled specialists teach the campers how to climb with the use of ropes and karabiners.  Campers learn creative ways of tackling the wall, using different moves, handholds, footholds and resting positions.  The wall is appropriate for all ages, from 4 to 15.  Six faces of the wall provide for different levels and abilities.  Children are challenged to do the best they can.  This climbing mountain is specially designed for our campers, keeping their safety in mind at all times.  The camper is securely attached to a safety rope with a harness, and there is a secondary rope attached to a unique braking system designed by Redwood for added security. 


Rock climbing is world-reknowned and is used in many outdoor facilities as a challenging learning activity.  It is an excellent teaching tool in developing children's problem-solving skills and inspiring them to be creative and persevere.  No matter how high they climb, campers develop a sense of accomplishment in this activity.

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