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One chapter ends, another begins


Below is the front page article of the 2014 edition of the Redwood Adventure, week 8.


Every summer is a chance to take a step out of the hard pace of life, take everything you’ve learned so far and just roll with it. When it ends, we’ve spent so much time taking it in that we don’t realize how much we’ve learned. 


That’s why we shouldn’t be sad that camp is ending. Sure, we’re all going to miss our friends and the fun we’ve had at Redwood. But, it’s important to remember that during our time here we grow as individuals. We become stronger, more confident and more self assured - defended by the knowledge that there will always be a place where we are accepted and our ideas are taken seriously. 


Plus, they’ll always be time for another game of Gagaball. 


So, as camp closes, we need to take everything we’ve been given and put it  into our non-summer lives. We need to live life the way we live at Redwood, by having as much fun as possible while remembering respect, openness, community and kindness.


From personal experience I know a lot of you are natural funsters. You’re always capable of putting a smile on my face. Keep up the energy and spread it to anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to have an experience as awesome as you did. 


And remember, you are not leaving Redwood, a little bit of Redwood is leaving with you. 


- James McCafferty,  Camp Editor of the Redwood Adventure Newspaper

One chapter ends, another begins


An excerpt from the Redwood Adventure, written by a long time staff member, that exemplifies our philosophy on programming…


After an amazing Sports Mania week filled with soccer, baseball, gaga ball and enough athletic competition to rival last summer’s Olympic games, it’s important to remember and keep in mind the wise words of famous sportswriter Grantland Rice: “it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game”.


While it’s no doubt every young athlete’s dream of scoring the winning goal, hitting a buzzer beating three pointer, or finishing a race in world record time, playing the game with sportsmanship and respect is something every person, regardless of talent, should aspire to.


Competing the right way means helping your teammates out, encouraging your friends, and above all, giving 100 percent effort. Sports Mania week is a week for campers to test their limits, try a new sport, and reach within them to find a skill or an ability they never thought they had.


When it comes to sports at Redwood, the Adventurer really only has one message for campers: play hard, be respectful and play to win, but when the game is done, remember that it is just a game. After all, as another wise sports writer Daniel S. once said: “it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, because we all get freezies at the end of the day”.

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