Redwood is situated on 27 privately owned acres of spacious fields and forests in beautiful Vaudreuil country, neighbouring Hudson.  The Redwood facilities have been created and built with our campers in mind.  It is not a rented facility.  Its extensive property is totally private and is used exclusively by Redwood campers and staff.


2 waterslides                                               4 heated outdoor pools                                          recreation hall

24ft. rock climbing wall                                 2 baseball diamonds                                             soccer fields

games room building                                    health center                                                        basketball court

junior arts studio                                          dance building                                                      2 jungle vines

gimp & bead studio                                      overnight building                                                 shuttle

senior arts studio                                         thertherball court                                                  playground

pottery studio                                              volleyball court                                                     shaded areas

canteen & activity center                              science building                                                   animal farm

several playing fields                                   2 batting cages                                                     tennis courts

photography                                                gaga ball



A special designed schedule is planned for each group which keeps in mind their age, interests, and abilities giving campers new skills and a feeling of well-being in a wonderful country setting.


Daily Swim                                 Soccer                                      Basketball                                   Soccer Baseball

Instruction                                  Baseball                                    Volleyball                                    Softball

Daily Waterslides                        Floor Hockey                             Tetherball                                    T-Ball

General Swim                             Football                                     Climbing                                      Batting Cages

Relay Races                              Tennis                                       Parachute                                    Gaga Ball


Gimp & Beads                            Aquarium                                   Horseback Riding                         Hay Rides

Crafts                                        Driver's Ed                                  Biking                                         Variety Shows

Pottery                                      Nature Study                               Shuttle                                        Carnival Days

Dance                                       Jungle Vine                                 Golf Lessons                               Theme Days


Unit Programs: in addition to the regular programming, campers participate in special unit programs each week which include Schedule Scramble, Treasure Hunts, Track and Field, Sports Tournaments, Art Challenges, and many other special program events.  


Overnights (optional): Three days a week, Tuesday to Thursday for boys and girls completing grades one to five.