Inventors Club


Calling all young inventors!


Did you know that earmuffs, Popsicle sticks, and even the Braille alphabet were all invented by kids?


This program will aim to foster the creativity within each camper.  Alongside their bunkmates and counsellors, young inventors will be guided through the brainstorming, creation and designing processes.


Campers completing grades 3 through 7 will learn about real-life kid inventors and inventions, about what it means to be an inventor, and about how they can go about becoming kid inventors themselves.  As well, Redwood has CAD software, a small CNC machine, and a 3D printer so campers can see how prototypes are manufactured.


Through brainstorming exercises both individually and as a team, campers will identify a need to be filled or a problem to be solved.  Inventors will then be guided through the planning, development, and finally the implementation of their very own designs and inventions.


How it all began.....


Four years ago Mark (Director and Founder) decided to build a 330 gallon salt water reef aquarium to add to our Nature and Science program.  He quickly discovered that keeping the aquarium glass clean was a huge task.  As a result he started to design an automatic glass cleaning robot.  Since then he has not only created a prototype, he has also patented it.  Many of our overnight campers are very familiar with this new invention and love to see it in action.  Our goal with this new Inventors Club Program is to challenge our campers and to encourage them to be creative and share their ideas.  


If you would like to see Mark's invention please visit







Lego.....For all ages

At Redwood, we love to challenge children, encourage them to become more independent and let their imagination soar. This new building blocks activity will enable campers to work alone or in a group.  They can follow a plan or play outside the box. With Lego at Redwood, the sky is the limit!


As part of our regular programming!